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The Study

What is Livability?

Livability is a term that refers to community quality of life as experienced by the people who live, work, and recreate there. In a transportation context, livability refers to improvements in public space that increases safety and access for all users of the transportation system.

What is the Goal?

Livability sounds like a buzzword; but it is a big idea. DDOT is taking up the challenge and making it a goal to translate that idea into actual actions. Outcomes will be aimed at on the ground changes such as enhanced pedestrian crossings, more accessible bus stops, geometric adjustments that support intersection safety, attractive streetscapes, signage for better driver information, and traffic calming in sensitive areas.

Rock Creek East I Livability Study

The Rock Creek East I Livability Study will evaluate the transportation network in the study area from a system perspective and look for opportunities for a safer and more accessible multimodal network. This study will be led with a data-driven approach, using existing and future conditions to understand transportation challenges and opportunities, and to recommend specific implementable actions. The study will be supported with robust public outreach throughout the process.

Study Area

The study area is defined by Rock Creek and the Maryland border to the West, Eastern Avenue the North, New Hampshire Avenue NE and the Red Line Metrorail tracks to the East, and Military Road NW, Missouri Avenue NW, and Riggs Road NE to the South. 

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